24 December 2009

All I Want Is Rock n' Roll

So I don't know whether I've ever told you this, but I play music with a kid named Evan P. Donohue here in Nashville, and last year he recorded the greatest Christmas song of all time. So Merry Christmas. Click on the link to download the song, and click here to download more of his music.

"Santa Clause, All I Want Is Rock n' Roll" by Evan P. Donohue

21 December 2009


When I think of 60s style, I think of Bob Dylan.

These photographs were taken by Barry Feinstein, the man responsible for some of the most iconic album covers of all time. I saw these photographs and a few others on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London this summer in promotion for Feinstein's book Real Moments, a collection of shots from Dylan's 1966 European and 1974 American tours. I asked Santa to make me one of these books for Christmas.

Review: Rodarte for Target

Stopped by Target yesterday morning on my way home for the holidays to check out the highly anticipated Rodarte collaboration. I tried on the blue swiss dot dress, the leopard mini, and the black and champagne crepe slip lace dresses and walked away with none of them, but despite that, my first impression of the line is a B.

It's definitely one of the better designer collaborations; I'll give the Mulleavy sisters that. The pieces look much better in person than they do in that hideous look book (see above), and the colors are beautiful, especially the champagne color. And the fit wasn't bad. It wasn't perfect, mind you, but it wasn't awful. I tend to agree with Kristen from Bleach Black when she says that the fit is always the deal breaker with these Target collabs, but I must say, these dresses fit better than those from past lines. (Remember those cute little Erin Fetherston dresses with the Peter Pan collars? If I ever managed to get mine on, I had to break out the scissors to get it off again.) A-lines do nothing for my figure anyway. The dresses have one other major design flaw that I could find. The tops are fastened in the back with tiny plastic snaps that are sewed right onto the mesh fabric. I had to pry the snaps open with my fingernails to avoid ripping the material.

Overall, not bad. I probably won't end up buying any of the pieces myself, but I would recommend them to others… with... slight enthusiasm. What do you think?

(photos via New York Magazine)

18 December 2009


Love these photos of Amanda Norgaard posted by Fashion Canvas. Remind me very much of this Russh editorial I posted a while back. The black and white mixed with the simplicity of the styling and that perfect hair are killer.

17 December 2009


What is this? This isn't a VOGUE spread. Don't get me wrong. I really like this editorial. I just think it's cute how hard Anna is trying.

I'm sorry. I'm feeling feisty today.

Going Digital

My boyfriend is a bit of a tech geek. When I saw him come across a headline containing the words "digital magazines" in his latest batch of articles this afternoon, I had him send it to me so I could check it out for myself.

BERG is a British design consultancy that works with companies like BBC and Nokia to help research and develop their technologies. They've recently teamed up with Swedish media group Bonnier, whose vision is to "continuously reinvent the art of publishing", to create this conceptual video that explores the future of digital magazines. Because I live for fashion media and hope to someday, somehow make a career out of it, the idea of digital magazines is both fascinating and frightening. It changes the game completely.

It's nice to see that developers are keeping in mind the importance of things like identifiable covers and the sense of accomplishment that comes from reading a magazine, but it seems that this sort of technology still has a long way to go before devoted magazine readers will abandon print completely. Regardless, this is a glimpse of where we are headed.

Oh, the times they are a-changin'?

Watch the video and read what BERG has to say about it here.

13 December 2009

Ant Music


I'm pretty much finished with this semester, and... well, I don't really know what to do with myself now. So, yeah. I've just been spending a lot of time looking at shoes. I don't know whether you can tell, but I'm kind of a shoe girl. And a coat girl. Shoes and coats are my thing.

Proenza Schouler Fall 2009

Is there anyone that doesn't love these shoes? I really don't think so because they've been blogged about a bazillion times. Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but they really are works of art. If Ziggy Stardust were to die and come back as a shoe, I really feel like it would be that second one.

Miu Miu Spring 2009

And don't even get me started on these kind of nineties, kind of sixties, completely mind-blowing platforms. These shoes put Miu Miu in my top five for Spring, although the clothes hold their own fairly well. I absolutely must own a pair of these beauties someday. It's one of those pairs I'll have to find in the future when I have a good career and loads of money to blow. Whenever that happens.

But on a more practical note, I'm thinking of purchasing these buckle wedges from Forever 21. I figure they're a nice Surface to Air alternative. I went to the store to look at them last night, but they didn't have any in yet. I may just have to order them online and cross my fingers that they're sturdy.

So... what to do now. My room desperately needs to be cleaned, and I should probably go ahead and get a head start on next semester's reading, but in all honesty, I'll most likely spend the rest of the night watching Melrose Place. Oh, how I've missed you.

04 December 2009

Best Friends

Hate Alison's haircut. Sorry.

Georgia May

Youngest daughter of the one and only Mick Jagger. I think she's beautiful, but I haven't liked any of her editorial work... until now. This is the spread I've been waiting for.

Fantastically Tacky

Black Lace

I've been absent from the Internet lately. It's been a melancholy week, and melancholy makes me think black lace. This weekend and next week aren't looking much better, but I've got a few hours so spare right now so here I am.

The second picture is from Rumi's spread in NO magazine, which I think is actually really wonderful. (Of course, I die for any spread/picture/outfit with those Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony shoes.) Congratulations, Rumi.

And while we're on the subject, can we just talk about this cat in her behind the scenes pictures? Is that a baby jaguar? Can I have it? I'm really set on getting a gray kitten named Spooky, but I might have to get one of these baby jaguar kitties, too. Does anyone know what kind of cat this is?

23 November 2009

3.1 Philip Lim

Everything about this dress is genius and yet slightly unconventional... the color, the length, the bow, the ties on the side, everything. Add a pair of fishnets and black pumps, and I'm out the door.

Heaven Can Wait

This is most definitely the daughter of Jane and Serge. The shots of Charlotte doing her makeup, sitting at the bar, and dipping her feet in the pool are so effortlessly glamorous in an otherwise bizarro video. Runs in the family, I suppose. I can't say that I was a fan of her last album, but this song will be on repeat around here for a while... partly because it's a catchy song, partly because Charlotte is so beautiful, and partly because Beck owns my soul.

Charlotte's album IRM is set to release on January 26th.

22 November 2009

The Room

Why is this editorial not blowing up the blogosphere? These are some of the best photographs I've seen in a while.

Be bold.

Dream a new idea for yourself.

"If they take my manifesto, go to a vintage store somewhere and are inspired to make their own outfit, I think that's great. Then we've helped them dream a new idea of themselves. Isn't that the point?" - Stefano Pilati

My goal for this blog is not to have you covet everything that you see and become dissatisfied with your own wardrobe (even though I myself fall into this trap more frequently than I'd like to admit) but to inspire you to be creative and push the boundaries and dress the way that you want to dress. Like fiction or music or nearly any other form of art, fashion allows you to "dream a new idea of yourself", and I wish that more people would take advantage of that.

16 November 2009

Lurve Fall/Winter 2009

Daul just looks so incredible as a blonde. She reminds me very much of Lulu in the second picture, yeah?

Pirate Radio

The best movie I've seen in a good long while with by far the greatest soundtrack.

Photo of the Day

It's hard to tell who's behind those mangy locks, but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say Alison Mosshart. And while I've recently come to realize that she's probably a super conceited bad word in real life, I still can't help but find her incredibly, incredibly hot.

This picture pretty much epitomizes my current state of existence. I've been living in my poncho, reading a whole lot more than usual, and I just got my own mangy locks trimmed for the first time in over three months. However, if someone were to take a picture of me in my continuously disheveled state, it most definitely would not turn out this good.

So... here's to you, Alison. Come back to Nashville so I can drool over you in person.

Fall/Winter 2009: The Pink Blazer

Actually, "pink" does not do this color justice at all. What would you call it? Salmon? Tea rose? Carnation? I don't know what to call it, but I like it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; the colors used in that Dries Van Noten collection will haunt me until the day I die.

14 November 2009

Gentlemen Take Note:

A man that knows how to work traditionally feminine touches (i.e. florals, polka-dots) into his wardrobe is A-OK in my book. Just try it. Don't be scared.

10 November 2009

I don't like change.

Change makes me want to run away, forget everything, and start over with a clean slate, which I have effectively done twice thus far in my life. And both times it was fantastic.

I was only in London for one month this summer, and that was three whole months ago, but I'm still having trouble adjusting to living in a city I find so wholly uninspiring. I didn't always find Nashville uninspiring. I used to dream about living here back when I was in Texas. I was really into the whole music scene, which was something that my hometown most lacked. Not to say that I've fallen out of love with music. I've just fallen out of love with the music scene.

So I'll eventually move somewhere else, and then I'll fall out of love with that place, too, and I'll move again, and maybe someday I'll live happily ever after. The end, I guess.