26 February 2010

24 February 2010

In a perfect world...

We could all get away with wearing sweats under our fur.

"Oh, Wow... Lovely."

And my obsession with teen dramas continues. Meet Cassie, the space cadet from seasons 1 and 2 of the U.K. phenomenon Skins. She reminds me very much of Julia Frakes in the way that she can put on any number of mismatched pieces of clothing and still look like a little fairy princess. The result is always an outfit that's just a tiny bit off, but Cassie's a bit off in general so it works. And that's why we love her. Er, loved her, I guess I should say. The new cast is not quite as good as the old one.

21 February 2010


Much to my dismay, it's getting warmer, and I've found that I can put off thinking about my spring/summer wardrobe no longer. I feel it gets harder every year for me to put away my cozy knits and fur coats and pull out the skanky short shorts and boring flip flops, but I know it has to be done if I don't want to shrivel up and die in the Tennessee heat. But just when I start to sink into my goodbye-winter-hello-spring depression, here comes Jeffrey Campbell, riding in on his white steed to save us all from a summer of uninteresting footwear. Thank you, Jeffrey Campbell.

04 February 2010

The Dino Bag

Looks even better on the street than it does on the runway, don't you think? Lust has increased tenfold.

03 February 2010

I look just like Buddy Holly.

Today marks the 51st anniversary of Buddy Holly's death, otherwise known as "The Day the Music Died". We're pretty tight, Buddy and I. We share the same hometown (Lubbock, TX), and I visited the Buddy Holly Center, like, ten times growing up. They handed out fake glasses with those thick black frames that everyone loves. I thought they were pretty super geeky at the time. If you don't know much about Buddy Holly and his music, I suggest you go read up on him, or at least watch how this woman introduces him on the Arthur Murray Dance Party in 1957. You youngsters and your crazy rock 'n' roll music...

"For a lot of the youth today, with 50 years of popular music behind them, it's sometimes hard to understand Buddy Holly's music. But at the time, it pinned a lot of people against the wall. It was unique. He was a real rebel, a real punk." -James Allen

01 February 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

It snowed all weekend. I wore my (faux) fur all weekend. 'Twas the only thing that could keep me warm. We Southerners don't know how to dress for your winter weather. We think it's really pretty, though. Other weekend highlights included band practice, meeting a nice cop, cleaning my apartment, Akutagawa, a John Hughes mini-marathon, writing a fantastic short story in my head (and then promptly forgetting it once I fell asleep), showering once, and watching Drake perform at the Grammys.

Here's to driving to class on the ice tomorrow morning.