24 February 2010

"Oh, Wow... Lovely."

And my obsession with teen dramas continues. Meet Cassie, the space cadet from seasons 1 and 2 of the U.K. phenomenon Skins. She reminds me very much of Julia Frakes in the way that she can put on any number of mismatched pieces of clothing and still look like a little fairy princess. The result is always an outfit that's just a tiny bit off, but Cassie's a bit off in general so it works. And that's why we love her. Er, loved her, I guess I should say. The new cast is not quite as good as the old one.


Fipe said...

loved cassie, its true that the new cast just doesnt match up to the old

Lucy said...

ah yeah! loved her, and liked how mean (and less dippy) she got in the second season too.

kyle said...

i love cassie but i hate that show