27 May 2010

RUSSH never fails me. (This is your baptism.)

RUSSH costs about twelve dollars per issue here in the States, but it's always worth it. I don't even think twice about buying it anymore. One issue of RUSSH supplies me with months of inspiration.

(Fashion Gone Rogue)

23 May 2010

Pool Party Music

You make me proud to be a Nashvillian.

Karen Elson and Jack White photographed in Nashville, Tennessee in celebration of the release of Elson's debut album The Ghost Who Walks. Shot by Annie Leibovitz and styled by Grace Coddington for the June 2010 issue of US Vogue.

"As if the album--this inspired collaboration beween two strange birds--weren't enough, out of it has also come this photo shoot: the first time the couple has agreed to be photographed together. With ever prior request, Elson would ask White if he was interested, and his answer was always the same: Nope. 'But when this one came about,' she says, 'for whatever reason, he was sort of like, You know this is going to be the only time we are ever, ever, ever going to do this, so it might as well be with the best people on the planet, it might as well be with Annie and Grace, to get that one great image of the pair of us.'"

The result is fourteen pages of pure gold. Go pick up a copy because the interwebz does not do the spread justice.

Good Style

Too bad it's ninety-four degrees outside.

18 May 2010

Factory Story

I've noticed a growing number of designers revisiting the 60s, my favorite decade, over the past two seasons or so, no doubt thanks in part to the overwhelming amount of attention Miu Miu and Prada's Spring 2010 collections have received. And rightfully so, I say. Let's be through with the 80s for a while. I'll forever love the studs, the leather moto jackets and the music (see here and here and here), but the 80s bit has been done... for the past two years. Or maybe three. It's been so long I can't even remember. It's time for a change.

By the way, if you haven't seen Karl Lagerfeld's latest short film "Remember Now," you can watch it here. It is disgustingly beautiful.

08 May 2010


Givenchy makes my world go 'round.