02 September 2010

A Single Man (2009)

Nicholas Hoult's outfit in Tom Ford's visual masterpiece A Single Man has stuck with me since viewing the film back in July. The angora sweater with the matching button-up underneath... very "on trend," if you will. The fact that it was worn by the beautiful and talented Hoult made it that much better. His little lady friend wasn't bad either.

New York Magazine's Rebecca Milzoff interviewed Hoult back in December, and he had this to say on the fuzzy wonder:

"Oh the angora sweater? Yes, it definitely had a life of it's own. It got a lot more attention than me, most of the time, whereby it would frizz up under the hot lights and need to be hair-sprayed down, because it would get too fluffy. It needed a lot of attention. I've become quite intimate with that sweater."