18 September 2008

Out with the Old, In with the New

I haven't been a huge fan of Alice Dellal up to this point, but this video just changed everything for me. And now that Alexander Wang has a new muse, I'm going to reveal a secret I've been sitting on for the past couple of months: I don't like Erin Wasson. She's way too California-chic for me.

Let the stoning begin.

16 September 2008

You Are No Angel

This is the most comforting song of all time. It will forever make me think of fall and Canada.

10 September 2008

OMG, Karoline is soooo black magic.

School has swallowed me whole, and I am living in it's belly. Right now I should be reading "Only the Lover Sings" and translating the last fifty lines of Juvenal's "Saturarum Liber Primus", but I'm not. I'm catching up on my blog surfing and skimming over the spring shows. Skimming will have to suffice until I've actually finished my work. 

I wanted to write a quick post on my most recent inspiration (hate that word). I've been reading Fashion Flash since last year, but I've just recently begun to really appreciate the simplicity and consistency of Karoline's style... probably because it is still dang hot here, and simple is the only thing that beats the heat. She is very good at incorporating trends into her wardrobe without looking like a total hipster. I never really know what she's talking about because I am way too lazy to click the "Translate" button to the right of the page, but the pictures speak for themselves.

01 September 2008

Basket Case

A friend told me I looked like Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club today. I think it was the dark colors, disheveled hair, scrunched up socks, and high top converse that did it. Quite a compliment if you ask me. The girl's got it going on. It's really a shame the entire movie takes place within twenty-four hours. I would've liked to have seen more of Miss Reynolds's oversized goodness.

Best dance scene ever. I've always wanted to be able to do Molly Ringwald's little twirly move.