02 September 2010

A Single Man (2009)

Nicholas Hoult's outfit in Tom Ford's visual masterpiece A Single Man has stuck with me since viewing the film back in July. The angora sweater with the matching button-up underneath... very "on trend," if you will. The fact that it was worn by the beautiful and talented Hoult made it that much better. His little lady friend wasn't bad either.

New York Magazine's Rebecca Milzoff interviewed Hoult back in December, and he had this to say on the fuzzy wonder:

"Oh the angora sweater? Yes, it definitely had a life of it's own. It got a lot more attention than me, most of the time, whereby it would frizz up under the hot lights and need to be hair-sprayed down, because it would get too fluffy. It needed a lot of attention. I've become quite intimate with that sweater."

24 August 2010

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...

Has anybody else seen these babies over at Forever21.com?!

There have been a lot of Miu Miu knockoffs rearing their less-than-ugly heads in recent months, but none quite as brash as this. How could they?

I'm feeling slightly ashamed for having just ordered a pair...

But I'm almost positive the feeling will pass in about 5-8 business days.

07 August 2010

For Dani

This post is dedicated to my long-lost roommate, Danielle Robb. Dani's been studying in London for the last month (jealous), but she returns to me on Monday. We share a mutual obsession with Mick Jagger (a poster of his face circa 1964 hangs over our living room table) so when someone pointed me in the direction of these pictures posted by Rolling Stone in honor of Mick's sixty-seventh birthday, I thought it appropriate to post some of them in her honor.

So happy late birthday, Mick, and safe travels Dani!

02 August 2010

31 July 2010

Mad, Mad, Mad

Mad Men is back, and we're all bursting with excitement. The season four opener was sensational with new drama, new sets, and, most importantly, new clothes. Mad Men has created a fashion phenomenon for fall (see here and here), resulting in an abundance of decidedly chic editorials.

Things to add to the fall wishlist: full skirts, cropped sweaters, and bow heels.

Elle Sweden, August 2010

Watch the video below to hear costume designer Janie Bryant talk season 4 style. And if you haven't been watching Mad Men, what are you waiting for?