29 January 2010

Johnny and Kate

And Iggy Pop. Of course.

28 January 2010

And Speaking of Fur...

Nobody does it better than Ann D. Check out the rest of her Fall 2010 menswear collection here.

27 January 2010


Do I like Charlotte Ronson? No. Do I like this video ? Yes. Beautiful shots of beautiful people having fun in a beautiful city. It's hard to resist.

25 January 2010

Burberry Menswear Fall 2010

Yes. Yes. YES. Men NEED to wear (faux) fur. Upon viewing this collection I immediately purchased a black faux fur peacoat off Ebay, though I was kind of worried that I wouldn't get a chance to wear it this season since it's been about sixty degrees for the past week or so. But as I ran out the door on my way to my first class this morning... it started snowing? Gotta love Tennessee weather. (No, you really don't have to.)

Homework Music

17 January 2010

Christmas Treats

(leopard-spotted coat from Zara, buckled ankle boots from T.U.K. via Urban Outfitters, striped faux fur coat from Savant Vintage Couture, gold boots from The Spectrum Vintage on Etsy)

Christmas has come and gone and, sadly, so has the majority of my Christmas money. As I've mentioned before, coats and shoes are my wallet's kryptonite. No buyer's remorse this year, though. All of the pieces are well made and 100% cohesive with my aesthetic. I only wish the boots had more heel to them. I rarely ever go out in anything less than four inches anymore, especially now after all of the Holiday binge-eating...

Sunday, Someday

15 January 2010


Has anyone read Patti Smith's new book yet? I've read some great reviews. If only I had the time.

(Google Images)

10 January 2010

I Want To Be Her

Proof that there's nothing wrong with being short and sweet (er, short and not sweet).

Mosshart pt. 248

This has proved to be the most unexciting, unspectacular Saturday night of my entire existence... so I did a little Googling. This photo and the photo in the last post are featured in British Vogue's February 2010 issue. I found this exert from the accompanying article particularly interesting:

Mosshart and Hince have already started work on a fourth Kills album and, by the time you read this, The Dead Weather will have reunited in Nashville to record the follow up to Horehound. There are plans for them to tour Australia and Japan. White, reached by email, says that Mosshart is "the best female front person out there right now". "I don't think anyone can touch her," he writes. "She's a grenade with the pin missing." (White clearly has a way with a one-liner. When I ask him to describe Mosshart in three words, he says, "Lady Gaga's nightmare.")

White is similarly adamant about his bandmate's position as a style leader. I wonder how important it is for a rock musician to looks the part? "You have to appear to give a damn - not about fashion, but about life," White writes. "The people who wear pyjamas to the mall obviously couldn't care less about art or anything of even mild interest. Alison is not one of those people."

And that is why I don't wear my pyjamas out of the apartment. Well... I do. Quite a bit, actually. But since I live in Nashville, I'll probably think twice before I wear them out ever again... lest I run into Jack White at the mall.

Mosshart pt. 247

It never fails. I start to become disenchanted with her, and then she reels me back in. I mean, come on... she's wearing those April 77 jeans.

09 January 2010

Fade To Black

Hadn't heard much about Aggie in a while so I headed over to the Fashion Spot forums to see what's up. Apparently she's given up modeling and hired an acting coach. Do I care? No, not really. But I was pleasantly surprised by her new dark hair and even darker style. I was also surprised by all of the negative feedback her new look had inspired. One commentator even went so far as to say that Aggie was now "irrelevant to the fashion world." Ouch. I couldn't disagree more. I feel like Aggie's mismatched style and platinum blonde hair was as relevant to 2007 as her new look is to 2010. It's definitely more relevant to my aesthetic. Styles change; people change. I think she looks killer. Keep it up, Aggie.

06 January 2010

Little J

My beautiful roommate just got engaged. Congratulations, Jenny and Bennett! I wish you a long and happy life together somewhere warm with lots and lots of babies.

05 January 2010


What a stunner. Photograph by Garance Doré. Oh I've missed your regular posts, Garance, but everyone needs a holiday, I suppose.

02 January 2010

I've been living out of a suitcase for the past two weeks. And by "living out of a suitcase" I mean that all of my clothes are heaped into a pile in my suitcase, and for the past two weeks I've been wearing virtually the same outfit. Sometimes I get really inspired by the lack of options that comes with "living out of a suitcase," but alas, that has not been the case this break. I haven't even had the desire to pull up any fashion blogs the past couple of days. I just want to hang up all of my clothes in my closet again. I feel like that's the only thing that could possibly inspire me now.

So there's my sorry excuse for lack of posting. My break has been well spent, though. I played with family, wrote an article, re-wrote a paper, celebrated New Years with friends, nursed a sick boyfriend back to health, and got a head start on the reading list for my class on modern Japanese fiction in the bathtub. I had never read any Japanese fiction before, and now I'm hooked. I started out with a collection of short stories by Takako Takahashi called Lonely Woman, which was fantastic, and now I'm working on The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami. I know, I know, I know... Murakami was cool like forever ago. I totally missed the bandwagon, but better late than never, right? I'm enjoying the novel for sure, but I'm almost enjoying the cover more than the actual text. It's the first time I've felt like a cover has actually enhanced my reading of a book. All of Murakami's covers are fascinating. For the American translations, the art is mostly done by book jacket designers Chip Kidd (left) and John Gall (right).

So I guess I haven't been so completely uninspired. But enough about me. How is/was your break? Anybody get anything cool for Christmas?