10 January 2010

Mosshart pt. 248

This has proved to be the most unexciting, unspectacular Saturday night of my entire existence... so I did a little Googling. This photo and the photo in the last post are featured in British Vogue's February 2010 issue. I found this exert from the accompanying article particularly interesting:

Mosshart and Hince have already started work on a fourth Kills album and, by the time you read this, The Dead Weather will have reunited in Nashville to record the follow up to Horehound. There are plans for them to tour Australia and Japan. White, reached by email, says that Mosshart is "the best female front person out there right now". "I don't think anyone can touch her," he writes. "She's a grenade with the pin missing." (White clearly has a way with a one-liner. When I ask him to describe Mosshart in three words, he says, "Lady Gaga's nightmare.")

White is similarly adamant about his bandmate's position as a style leader. I wonder how important it is for a rock musician to looks the part? "You have to appear to give a damn - not about fashion, but about life," White writes. "The people who wear pyjamas to the mall obviously couldn't care less about art or anything of even mild interest. Alison is not one of those people."

And that is why I don't wear my pyjamas out of the apartment. Well... I do. Quite a bit, actually. But since I live in Nashville, I'll probably think twice before I wear them out ever again... lest I run into Jack White at the mall.

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sadie d. love said...

i'm craaaaaazy about the dead weather lately.!! and i really, really love your blog..rock'n roll&fashion - can't live without ;)

kissez from croatia..