28 June 2009

More Dots


While searching for pictures from her men's Spring 2010 show, I came across these backstage photos from Ann's Fall 2009 show. More beautiful boys in beautiful clothes here.

27 June 2009

Never Say Never

I swore off polka-dots back when American Apparel was spotting everything that came out of the factory, but over the last couple months I've found the print creeping its way back into my inspiration folders.

Like most of my fashion fixations from the past couple of months, I can attribute the majority of my new-found tolerance to Beverly Hills, but it was Philip Lim's Resort collection that really sealed the deal.

And so I caved:

Ann D.

It's so nice to finally see Ann Demeulemeester's Fall 2008 collection in action. I was starting to think maybe that beautiful floral pattern was only a figment of my imagination.

24 June 2009

19 June 2009

17 June 2009


Why does crochet seem so rock & roll to me all of the sudden? Add some tough boots and a handful of rings, and you're good to go. If I had a little more up top, I would have bought this dress at Forever 21 today, but alas, I do not.

13 June 2009

A Family Affair

My sincerest apologies...

on the lack of posts. All of my creative energies have been focused on interior design rather than fashion as of late (I wore the same t-shirt five times this week), but I'm finally all moved into my apartment in Nashville and completely organized, with the exception of my books.

I just couldn't bear to part with any of them, but I hate bookcases. So until I can figure out what to do with them them, there they shall remain. 

All of that to say, chill out. I'm back.

02 June 2009


"The trouble with modern education is you never know how ignorant people are. With anyone over fifty you can be fairly confident what's been taught and what's been left out. But these young people have such an intelligent, knowledgeable surface, and then the crust suddenly breaks and you look down into depths of confusion you didn't know existed." 

-Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited