31 August 2008

Oil On Canvas

Cage (1) - (6) by Gerhard Richter

Agathe Is (Sort've) Back!

Out of pure nostalgia I went to Style Bytes's old url today and was pleasantly surprised to be redirected to Agathe's phiary. It's not quite the same as her blogs, but it's definitely better than nothing. Oh Agathe, I missed you.

29 August 2008

Because I'm doing so well at keeping up one blog,

I've decided to start working on another. My dear friend and electronica extraordinaire Joseph has asked me to write on his music blog from time to time, and I have accepted. Read it if you feel so inclined.

26 August 2008

Dear Faithful Readers,

by which I mean Stephen Holmes, I have not abandoned you. All of my time has been devoted to moving into, arranging, and rearranging my new room the last couple of days, but it is finished! I will be back soon with a heap of posts on the swiftly approaching drop in temperature. Until then.

19 August 2008

Packing for School

Grim prompter of forgotten lines
With wings of sable night,
Stealing the light of day,
Why have you come
In this, my perfect port,
O why?
O why?
In this, my perfect port,
Why have you come
Stealing the light of day
With wings of sable night,
Grim prompter of forgotten lines.

-Jack London, "Memory"

(Read more of Jack London's poetry here.)

18 August 2008


Too much talent/beauty/style for one Factory.

17 August 2008

Chain Gang of Love

After (hopefully)...

To be continued...

(Photo credit: The Selby)

15 August 2008

In the Office With Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is my favorite. Even his office space is perfect.

(Photo credit: The Selby)

Hey, American Apparelaholics

Yeaaa, you know who you are. Don't even try to pretend like you're not addicted to tri-blend. American Apparel is giving a 15% discount to students in the online store. Hurry though because you only have until September 2nd to stock up on your v-necks. I think I'm going to order myself a black mesh bodysuit.

12 August 2008

I'm ready to be able to layer again.

(Photo credit: Face Hunter)

A Rock & Roll Child

Yes, I am back. My trip to Chicago/Milwaukee was so much fun, but so very exhausting. I feel like all I've done since I've been home is sit around and read and read and read and read, which is fine, I suppose. Time spent reading is never time wasted in my opinion.

But back to my trip. I spent two days shopping in Elmhurst and Lincoln Park, three days running around like a chicken with it's head cut off at Lollapalooza (I'm in the gray t-shirt to the right of Mr. Gillis.), and two and a half days visiting my dear friend Evan P. Donohue in Milwaukee. The last night I was in Milwaukee, we watched "T.Rex: Born To Boogie", and I was awestruck. I mean, I've been a fan of Marc Bolan's music for a little while now, and I guess I already knew he was a snazzy dresser, but snazzy doesn't even begin to describe it. Frizzy curls, shiny pants, perfect blazers, and that leopard print suit? Oh my gosh. Why is this guy not a massive fashion icon?

The day after we watched the film, we went to this incredible antique warehouse full of the most beautiful vintage pieces. I was drawn to this totally Marc Bolan worthy blazer like a really, ridiculously strong magnet.

So I came home from my trip with three blazers, one bowtie, one bowler hat, and one men's tri-blend henley to add to my wardrobe. I feel as though I'm inching closer and closer to androgyny with every shopping trip.

(Photo credit: various T.Rex/Marc Bolan MySpace pages)

07 August 2008

Ooh La La...

(Photo credit: Fashion Rocks)