12 August 2008

A Rock & Roll Child

Yes, I am back. My trip to Chicago/Milwaukee was so much fun, but so very exhausting. I feel like all I've done since I've been home is sit around and read and read and read and read, which is fine, I suppose. Time spent reading is never time wasted in my opinion.

But back to my trip. I spent two days shopping in Elmhurst and Lincoln Park, three days running around like a chicken with it's head cut off at Lollapalooza (I'm in the gray t-shirt to the right of Mr. Gillis.), and two and a half days visiting my dear friend Evan P. Donohue in Milwaukee. The last night I was in Milwaukee, we watched "T.Rex: Born To Boogie", and I was awestruck. I mean, I've been a fan of Marc Bolan's music for a little while now, and I guess I already knew he was a snazzy dresser, but snazzy doesn't even begin to describe it. Frizzy curls, shiny pants, perfect blazers, and that leopard print suit? Oh my gosh. Why is this guy not a massive fashion icon?

The day after we watched the film, we went to this incredible antique warehouse full of the most beautiful vintage pieces. I was drawn to this totally Marc Bolan worthy blazer like a really, ridiculously strong magnet.

So I came home from my trip with three blazers, one bowtie, one bowler hat, and one men's tri-blend henley to add to my wardrobe. I feel as though I'm inching closer and closer to androgyny with every shopping trip.

(Photo credit: various T.Rex/Marc Bolan MySpace pages)

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