28 March 2010

Emma Watson in Christopher Kane

Perfect styling on Emma Watson. That dress plus those shoes equals pure gold.

Seeing Red

Valentino Pre-Fall 2010

I've never been the biggest fan of the color red, but the monochrome red in Valentino's Pre-Fall 2010 collection really struck my fancy.

From left to right: Ann Demeulemeester, Cerruti, Givenchy, Valentino

Then came the Fall collections, and with them came more red in various shades, proportions, and textures. Wishing I wouldn't have given away my red American Apparel tights last summer. Must buy a new pair and some sort of red leather something to get my fix.

25 March 2010


Sometimes I think it would be nice to go mad.

Easter Dress

I bought an oversized t-shirt for my Easter dress. Yes, I'm 20 years old, and I still buy an Easter dress. And yes, I am boring.

18 March 2010

Leave all your loving, you longing behind. You can't carry it with you if you want to survive.

Current favorite songs, neither of which are evidence of my actual taste in music. It happens.

17 March 2010

Pattie and George

"I was absolutely thrilled that the roses had come out, finally. I set up my tripod and said, 'George, George, come and stand with me' and obviously it was taking a long time for the timer to go off because he's sort of gazing away. I think I look a bit worried about the camera thinking, 'Come on, is it going to click or not?!'" -Pattie Boyd in the November/December 2009 issue of RUSSH

Pattie is my favorite out of all the Beatles' wives/mistresses/groupies.

(Google Images)

11 March 2010

Lit Life

ELLE's got a literature blog. You know... pictures of pretty people reading, interviews with bookwormy editors, that sort of thing. Check it out.

02 March 2010