19 August 2008

Packing for School

Grim prompter of forgotten lines
With wings of sable night,
Stealing the light of day,
Why have you come
In this, my perfect port,
O why?
O why?
In this, my perfect port,
Why have you come
Stealing the light of day
With wings of sable night,
Grim prompter of forgotten lines.

-Jack London, "Memory"

(Read more of Jack London's poetry here.)


Steven said...

"grim prompter of forgotten lines"


jack london is one of my favorite writers. he's one of those guys who i have enjoyed reading (and being read to) since when i was really young, and has always been a standard in my mind.

Meagan said...

ah i know. markus actually found that site for me earlier this year. you can read pretty much everything he's written on there. even his novels.

Jenilee Thornton said...

Thanks Meagan!

Id love to work together! Lets talk about it when I get back to Nashville..which is TOMORROW! :) See you soon!

Pretty In Black said...

Interesting piece. I'll check him out.

kyle said...

Thank you! I've had years of angst with which to hone my craft.

Your blog does a good job keeping me in the know about women's fashion and andy warhol, so i appreciate that.

markus said...