01 September 2008

Basket Case

A friend told me I looked like Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club today. I think it was the dark colors, disheveled hair, scrunched up socks, and high top converse that did it. Quite a compliment if you ask me. The girl's got it going on. It's really a shame the entire movie takes place within twenty-four hours. I would've liked to have seen more of Miss Reynolds's oversized goodness.

Best dance scene ever. I've always wanted to be able to do Molly Ringwald's little twirly move.


kyle said...

Do you eat pixie stick sandwiches?

Meagan said...

fo breakfast.

kyle said...

First off, that's unhealthy and probably leads to tooth decay.

Second, in response to your comment on my blog.

Well first in response to the second, kudos for actually following the established question/answer format, if I was an AP grader you would get 3/3 points for that.

And second of all, in relation to the second, this may sound weird, but the fact that there is someone else who thinks like me in regards to romance (you) gives me hope that perhaps if a character like that exists in in Nashville, perhaps one exists in Lubbock, and I can seduce her.

kyle said...

Meagan, I'm a name taker and a heartbreaker, so "seducing" basically sums up my entire life.

And as for leaving, why would anyone want to leave a place as magical as Lubbock?

(sorry for monopolizing your comments)

Pretty In Black said...

She is the best basket case.

Steven said...

You can most certainly do the twirl.
Trust me on this one.