21 December 2009

Review: Rodarte for Target

Stopped by Target yesterday morning on my way home for the holidays to check out the highly anticipated Rodarte collaboration. I tried on the blue swiss dot dress, the leopard mini, and the black and champagne crepe slip lace dresses and walked away with none of them, but despite that, my first impression of the line is a B.

It's definitely one of the better designer collaborations; I'll give the Mulleavy sisters that. The pieces look much better in person than they do in that hideous look book (see above), and the colors are beautiful, especially the champagne color. And the fit wasn't bad. It wasn't perfect, mind you, but it wasn't awful. I tend to agree with Kristen from Bleach Black when she says that the fit is always the deal breaker with these Target collabs, but I must say, these dresses fit better than those from past lines. (Remember those cute little Erin Fetherston dresses with the Peter Pan collars? If I ever managed to get mine on, I had to break out the scissors to get it off again.) A-lines do nothing for my figure anyway. The dresses have one other major design flaw that I could find. The tops are fastened in the back with tiny plastic snaps that are sewed right onto the mesh fabric. I had to pry the snaps open with my fingernails to avoid ripping the material.

Overall, not bad. I probably won't end up buying any of the pieces myself, but I would recommend them to others… with... slight enthusiasm. What do you think?

(photos via New York Magazine)


Farouche Fashion said...

Just saw these in Target! I love them! Although I agree about the fit-they can fit kinda queer sometimes :)
Trade links?

GlassesShop said...

Such a good blog post.