20 July 2010

So how about this whole Twilight thing, huh? Kind of crazy. I saw the first film with my lovely ex-roommate Jenny and my darling Stevie and called it quits after that. Not only was the acting atrocious, the storyline completely unbelievable (even for a vampire love story), but the vampires just didn't look like vampires.

Exhibit A: Alice Cullen as played by Ashley Greene.

A little too pretty, right? A little too... alive, maybe?

Now this is how I picture vampire vixens. Swathed in black lace and crimson velvet for the August issue of US ELLE, Greene actually looks like she could suck the life out of someone. Leave it to Kate Lanphear to properly clothe a creature of the night.


Steven said...

I think you are forgetting someone.

Reginasaurus said...

Love that last photo of her. She really does look like a sexy vampire.

Meagan said...

I'm so sorry, Stevie! How could I have forgotten? You were such a champ that night.