08 September 2009

Edie's Leopard Spotted Coat

Edie Sedgwick was the first person to introduce the leopard spotted coat into my consciousness way back in 9th grade. I remember thinking how glamorous it made her look even when she was at her lowest point. I used to run around in black tights, mini skirts, and chandelier earrings trying to imitate her, but I was always missing that key element. I've been looking for the perfect leopard spotted coat ever since. No matter how overused or cliche they become, leopard spots will always be the epitome of glam for me.


Miss Marie said...

I completely agree. And I love it's versatility from punk and trash through to high fashion and glamour. It will always have a place in my wardrobe. Cheers! x

Original Sin said...

i love how you pulled all those amazing leopard print. I have been dying to get a leopard jacket!