28 July 2008

Lately my life has consisted of...

preparations for my trip to Chicago, finishing up Mansfield Park, "The Dark Knight", demildewfying my comforter, pouring over Alexander Wangs Fall 2008 collection, brushing up on my Latin, and these three songs/the albums they come from:

Mystery Jets - "Young Love (Featuring Laura Marling)"

Envelopes - "Party"

CSS - "Rat Is Dead (Rage)"

CSS annoys me to no end, and it's mostly because of their look. Their new album is super catchy though, and I guess I'm a sucker for catchy. Still, I recommend that you don't watch the video and just listen to the song. 

You should also listen to Autolux's new single, "Audience No. 2". It is tres magnifique. You can download it off of their website here.

As I mentioned before, I'm leaving for Chicago on Wednesday to do some shopping and attend Lollapalooza. It's sort've my last horrah before school school starts back up. I will return the following Wednesday after I've exhausted myself dancing around Grant Park with some legitimate posts for you. Until then, happy listening.

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