24 July 2008

I Wish You Wouldn't

Lindsay Lohan has launched her very own line of leggings. I know, right? It's true though, I swear. See for yourself.

If I ever see girls walking around with knee pads on their leggings, I will personally hunt Lindsay down, stuff her into a barrel, and send her down Niagara Falls. The third pair I don't mind so much... except for that fact that they're selling for $123. If you're going to drop that much money on a pair of zippered leggings, could I maybe persuade you to buy a pair of LNAs from Shopbop instead? They are much more sleek, come in lots of pretty colors, and are in no way attached to Lindsay Lohan.

OR you could just buy a pair from Tripp off of Ebay for a little over $20, like I did. 

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan's lame line of leggings just lost her about 20 cool points in my book, which brings her down to about -440. And I'm going to give myself 20 cool points for using super cool alliteration.

Speaking of lame... WHAT THE HECK, Project Runway? Wesley?!

1 comment:

lindsey said...

ughhh, wesley. it makes me sick.
I'm so sick of trashy stella and her worthless designs.
they must have been delusional because not only did they kick off wesley, they picked SUEDE to win. seriously? not impressive.

miss you, darling.