16 May 2009

Style Rookie Strikes Again

Tavi just got back from LA, where she was invited to hang with the Mulleavy sisters. Read about her trip here. I don't even really like Rodarte that much, but the picture she snapped of their bookshelf is glorious and makes me like them a little bit more.

In other news, my room is still a complete disaster from moving, which makes it quite impossible for me to accomplish anything. But instead of cleaning, I've spent my days away from Nashville antiquing with my mom, ordering unitards from American Apparel, and playing with kittens. I also created a Twitter. Do I even want a Twitter? No, but it kept me from cleaning my room. Though in my defense, I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. Hopefully I'll find my motivation again soon because my To-Do list is becoming rather lengthy.

I'm definitely not going to find it in the next hour, though. Gossip Girl season finale starts in five minutes.


Luce said...

YES! non-room cleaners unite.

jenny said...

i missed gossip girl! but ellen recorded it thank goodness. and i just want to move in already. let's go.

kyle said...

when are unitards appropriate on men?

Steven said...

I ask: When are unitards not appropriate on men?