15 March 2009

The Dead Weather

Old news, I know. I go away on Spring Break for one week and come back to find that Jack White has taken over the world. My world, at least. White's newest project, featuring the one and only Alison Mosshart, made it's live debut Wednesday night for a hundred and fifty special guests at his opening of Third Man Records here in Nashville. Jack White frequents the coffee shop right across the street from my school, probably because it is right next door to his wife's vintage boutique, and now I hear that he's recently been spotted with a heavily disguised woman, thought at first to be Meg White, but now to be Alison. Alison Mosshart in Nashville? Alison Mosshart and Jack White, the queen and king of rock and roll, making music together? This is all too much for me to handle.

Their album supposedly drops in June. Listen to their first two songs here.

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David Krohn said...

i want jacks jacket.