07 January 2009

Today I love...

1. Preppy, but not really preppy

2. Gala

3. Fur shawls

4. The Olsens (duh)


zoë said...

love all of it.

i saw a really nice fauxfur shawl at h&m the other day and i think it was only fifteen dollars ! but sigh, i did not purchase it.
maybe next time !

also, i am dying to get my hands on one of those hooded scarf thingies, they look so warm and cosy and quintessentially swedish - all things terrific wrapped into one.

stay in touch lovvee, i like your blog xx

david hutchens said...

meagan this comment has nothing to do with fashion but i share your passion for books...while not as big of a fan, i have nothing against bathtubs. but i often get on amazon or go to barnes and noble and come out with way more than i bargained for

Steven said...

haha i just noticed that you updated your profile thing.

"always happiest when the sun is hiding"