25 November 2008


I recently re-watched "This Is England". Ever seen it? Watch it. It's phenom. Ben Sherman checked shirts, braces, Dr. Martens, cuffed pants, bleached denim, shaved heads and feathercuts (so hot). I couldn't get Rag & Bone's Spring collection out of my mind. It's dead on. Sure, 80s skinhead has been done many times before, but the pieces of this collection are really beautiful. The look has definitely had an effect on me. I never wear my old blue jeans so I've decided to bleach them while I'm home for Thanksgiving break. It can't be that hard right? And I've finally succumbed to the world of Dr. Martens. I know, I know, I know, but I'm quite taken with these and these. Dear me, it seems as though my shoe obsession has resurfaced.

(Style.com, Google)

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Steven said...

you were born on the wrong continent, my friend.

and i thought you should know that my word verification thing was "turtly". incredible.