04 November 2008


I am of the opinion that every human being, male and female alike, needs to own an old army coat/army green parka like this one. They look fabulous with everything. I have a flimsy polyester version that I bought to hold me over until I can get my hands on a real one, and I have yet to find something it looks bad over. I came across a real one the other day at Goodwill, but it was a little too big for me. I was going to buy it anyway and put it away for my future significant other (because he's going to have to have one), but then I found a stain that I couldn't force myself to overlook. Eheu! One day.


Luce said...

i've got this awesome blue silk (better than you think! aha) version similar, its crazy gooooood.

also, that poladroid thing pretty much just rocks my world to the max!

Steven said...

i almost bought one of those the other day, per your encouragement.

then i got nervous and didn't.