30 November 2008

Andy Wore Plaid Too

In honor of the New York Magazine's 40th anniversary they have a slideshow up online comprised of forty of the magazine's most memorable covers. I thought it was interesting that Warhol in some way or another made three. They also named him the number one most influential New Yorker.

"Warhol ran through all of the major currents of the city: He was a downtown guy who lived uptown, an artist and businessman. He was a quintessential New Yorker; his influence was beyond influence."

Makes me proud to be a New Yorker. Uh. Yeah. Someday.


kyle said...

A) Don't besmirch Ben Folds' good name
B) I assume you sat with Susie, Stephanie, and their crew
C) You hung out with Jacob I assume, and then the other girls in your grade
D) We were sort of friends, but I had a crush on you and therefore was terrified to speak to you
a. First off, don't call it an "obsession" that makes it sound creepy.
b. You were gone before my claire affectation came out in full force.

delusional dreamer said...

Over Thanksgiving they had a special series and documentary about Andy on some random dish channel, I basically stayed glued to the T.V. The really sad part of this story is that no one in my family knew who he was, which honestly left me shocked and saddened. (by the way, this is Laina....we use to play on a stage together for a few months.)