01 October 2008

Oh, Irina

I remember the first time I ever saw Canadian/Romanian model Irina Lazareanu. I was flipping through shots from Proenza Schouler's Fall 2006 show on Style.com when I came across this picture of her sitting backstage. The first thing that caught my eye was the hardware on her boots because I'd been looking for a similar pair forever (never found them), but when I actually looked at her, ohhhh my. I had never really been intrigued by a model, but her perfect fringe (at a time when fringe couldn't be found on every other forehead) and androgynous style won me over. She's a total bohemian rocker. So that's how my love affair with Irina began. I realized today, however, that I hadn't seen any new pictures of her recently so I decided to do a little searching on the Fashion Spot forums, and of course, there she was, beautiful as ever. She will forever and always be my favorite model.

My search also produced this little video for Aniye By. Charming.

(For more pictures of Irina, click here.)

1 comment:

Luce said...

oh she's one of my favs too. She always looks so... dopey? haha. i would kill for her wardrobe though, so perfectly boy-ish.