17 July 2008

Project Runway Is Back!

Not that it was actually gone long enough for me to miss it. It kind've snuck up on me. I was not aware of tonight's season five premiere until about two weeks ago when I saw the ad in Elle, but believe me, I'm not complaining. It's a great show. It might even be my favorite show, and I'm a pretty dedicated Lostie. I've convinced a lot of people to watch it with me over the years, and not a single one of them has ever finished an episode without wanting another. 

My first impressions (besides "Oh my gosh, Heidi's not pregnant!") are to favor Emily and Wesley, but that's based pretty much entirely on how they presented themselves because I really find it hard to judge their abilities based on how well they can make a dress out of tablecloths, plastic cups, and fresh produce. And they're both just flat out super cute. I'll keep you updated on my preferences as the season goes on.


Steven said...

i'm loving thisss

project runway is indeed one of the most addicting (maybe worthwhile) things on television right now.

very interesting and thorough posts. you've inspired me to pick up the blogging torch once again.

..maybe one day soon.

TMMN said...
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